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Yes Vincenzo, I went with the original title…

Last week, I had the joy to have my former boss Paola visit NY for a week! As I mentioned in my first post, I used her surname as part of my gaming and blogging alias (secret identity). After I had worked up enough courage, I told her about it last week. To my surprise, she took it very well and gave me her blessing (meaning no lawsuits)! :-)

Coming soon – Stark Eberle T-shirts for sale!!

I also went to a few new places last week that I’d like to recommend since I had a wonderful time!

Press Lounge at Ink48 Hotel – amazing views of the city and great lounge area. The pictures speak for themselves…I’ll have to go back in warmer weather. We were there on Tuesday when it was about 30°F with strong winds.


Kanoyama – Delicious fresh sushi place in the East Village. Of course I always stick to my California rolls…can’t go wrong with a classic!


Ayza Wine & Chocolate Bar – a very romantic place for a date! It was the first time I have ever sat behind a bar for dinner. We’re still trying to figure out the deal with all the cat silhouettes…


And finally…

49 Grove Street – I went there for a party with the promise of free sangria! To my dissapointment, it was non-alcoholic sangrias…I still drank 6 of them though :-) I felt like I was in a Hip Hop music video but overall it’s a very swanky place to bust a move. #YOLO


I’ll write more later this week. In the meantime, I leave you with this radiant reunion picture


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